“I have lost 112 pounds after being diagnosed with Syndrome X. I am now working out four times a week and can finally see a six-pack abs! People thought I had gastric by-pass  surgery, but I did it all on my own -  but I owe it all to Andrea’s kindness and support.” – Tom, 48 years old

"Working with you over the past few years has lead me to a real understanding about the correlation between food, exercise, calories, carbs and fats to the health strength and weight of my body. I can't thank you enough for that gift. I now truly understand and have encompassed your teachings into the way that I live my life and make my food and exercise choices. You have also given me a real understanding of my blood work, vitamins and cholesterol. I would recommend you to anyone that was seeking a GREAT nutritionist!" – Michael

"When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, it was a time of tremendous worry and concern. Andrea Platzman gave me the calm, knowledgeable assurance that by following her detailed plan of action, everything would be ok.. She patiently and professionally guided me through the steps, guidelines and procedures, which I follow dutifully to this day, to get both my weight and blood sugar levels where they needed to be for my long-term health. I am profoundly grateful for her patient wisdom, engaging disposition and immeasurably supportive manner in getting me successfully through one of the most difficult periods of my life." – Paul

"Thank you so much for making me realize that exercise and eating healthy can be both fun and easy!! I was diagnosed with high blood sugar which I wasn't surprised since my mother had diabetes for years before she passed away from the complications. I loved pasta being a traditional Italian and big family dinners were a part of our lives. I thought it was going to be tough to change my eating and I really didn't want to, but Andrea made it easy as well as fun. I love the way I look and feel - no medication anymore either! – Mike, 52 years old

"I wanted you to know that I came first in this weekend’s 10K in my age group. I also lost another six pounds! Andrea, thank you so much - I have so much energy and confidence!" – Paula

"My cardiologist doesn't know how you did it, but I am off of all medications to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure. My cholesterol is at 187 and my LDL - the bad cholesterol is at 92 - finally under 100!!! And, my blood pressure is at 108/60. I can't beleive I am off of medicine that I have been taking for 20 years! Thank you so much!! – Pam, 66 years old

"With my gout, obesity and now newly diagnosed diabetes, Andrea has been my support through it all. Whenever I eat, I think of her and her words of wisdom. She is blunt and tells me when I am not being compliant and what will happen to my body - it's exactly what straightens me every time I fall off the program. To date, I have lost 43 pounds and I am not going to gain even one back!" – Peter, 44 years old

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