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Life isn't about finding yourself... life is about creating yourself

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A Heart Healthy Welcome

Andrea PlatzmanAndrea Platzman provides individualized one-on-one and group counseling to both adults and children with nutrition concerns. Some of Andrea's areas of expertise include helping her patients manage their weight, diabetes, cholesterol and many other concerns. Whether you are seeking treatment for a complex medical condition, weight-loss advice, or would like general information on improving your overall health, you will leave your initial appointment with useful knowledge you can implement immediately. Whether it's to lose some of those extra pounds, running a quicker mile or just eating healthier to live longer; Andrea helps to empower you to make better choices. Check out Andrea's program page to see what an initial visit with Andrea is really like and other areas of her nutrition experience. In addition to being a health-care provider, Andrea is also a health communications specialist and provides lectures, seminars, supermarket tours, as well as healthy cooking demonstrations to corporations as well as to her patients. She is also a spokesperson for food and supplement companies and a health and nutrition writer - you can read some of her original articles under the press page.

Live Fully, Love Wholeheartedly and Eat Healthfully

Live Live

  • Take dance classes
  • Try a new food at least once every two weeks
  • Say hello to a stranger once a day
  • Have a dessert before your meal at least once in awhile
  • Laugh at yourself or with others whenever you can

Love Love

  • Throw out the toxic people in your life
  • Make a commitment to yourself and to the other person
  • Keep both your heart and mind open
  • Maintain your own life even in a relationship
  • Laugh at yourself or with others whenever you can

Eat Eat

  • Switch from juice to flavored water or just good old plain water
  • Don't skip any meals
  • Everyday is NOT Thanksgiving - it's only one day and once a year
  • Have cake on your birthday but not on everyone else's birthdays
  • Laugh at yourself or with others whenever you can


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